Housing Market in Denver, Colorado

Denver, the capital of Colorado, United States is located in the South Platte River Valley on the High Plains. The most populous city in Colorado is Denver, popularly known as the Mile-High City because it is located exactly a mile (5,280 feet) above sea level. According to the United States Census Bureau, Denver’s population in the year 2008 was 598,707. Located between the Rocky Mountain and the High Plains, Denver’s semi-arid climate is prevalent in four distinct seasons that this county sees. In comparison to the mountains in the west, the climate is mild but it is very unpredictable also. The winters vary from being mild to cold accompanied by a significant amount of snowfall. On average, July has the warmest temperatures of the year. Autumn on the other hand, tends to be cold and accompanied by a significant amount of snowfall.

Denver has over 200 parks other than the most famous City Park built over an area of 314 acres. If you are looking for a home of your own where you can settle down peacefully, Denver is one place you should consider looking. A house in Denver, Colorado has an estimated median value of $291,900. With all the amenities of urban life, Denver offers you more than you can imagine. Denver is well connected with other locations with a world-class airport and an efficient transportation system. Denver also has a good public school system and a rich cultural life with numerous parks, museums, auditoriums and opera houses.

There are many suburbs of Denver, Colorado each with a different trend occurring in the real estate market. The houses in Westminster are exhibiting a falling trend in the prices and if you are keen on buying a house, this would be a good time to invest. You can buy homes or condos depending on your preferences. If you want to live in a cozy neighborhood you can opt for a house in Parker, Colorado. A house in Parker can be a condo or townhouse or a residential house. Prices range from $250,000 to $600,000. The houses in Parker, Colorado have seen a rising demand in the recent times, the great schools, recreation centers and beautiful landscapes being the reasons.

Houses in Aurora, Colorado offer great mountain views. Aurora is close to the international airport, which helps its business activities. You can choose a condominium or a home nestled in the mountains. You can even get your dream custom home! Along with Parker and Aurora, Thornton is also a great choice for homebuyers not only for the great facilities but also for the number of housing opportunities it offers. Houses in Thornton range from starter homes to condos to executive homes. With such a wide variety of houses to choose from you are sure to find a house that suits your style of living and your budget. The Denver area has over 200 restaurants; a house here can be like a dream for any food-lover. Denver’s huge population is a reflection of the high demand of houses here.