Colorado Homes For Sale

To own a beautiful home is a dream that is cherished by every individual. Colorado offers several options to individuals and families looking to buy a house. While some of the houses that are available on sale in Colorado can be quite expensive, there are plenty of options for individuals looking for a home which is moderately priced. Homes for sale in the state of Colorado offer options such as condos, apartments, custom built homes, single family homes as well as studio apartments.

The easiest way to look for a dream home in Colorado is to conduct a search over the Internet. There are several websites that offer specialized services to individuals looking to invest in a real estate property or who are interested in buying homes in Colorado. Some of the popular online searches for the homes in Colorado include Westminster Colorado houses, houses in Parker Colorado as well as houses in Denver Colorado.

These real estate websites provide valuable information such as the type of properties that are available for sale, the location of the properties that are listed for sale as well as the price of the homes for sale in the various towns, cities and communities in Colorado.

But purchasing a home is an important decision that requires a considerable amount of investment on your part in terms of money as well as your valuable time and energy. Needless to say, it is essential for the individuals to plan meticulously, conduct a thorough search as well as acquire at least a basic knowledge of the real estate market of the area before making your final decision to purchase a dream home.

No matter if you want to buy or sell a house, it is always a good idea to have all the necessary details in front of you before you begin to negotiate a good deal. These factors don’t only help you to set a budget that you would require for making a purchase, but also help you to set a price for the sale of your home. For instance, once you acquire information about the real estate market in Denver or Parker or even Westminster, Colorado along with the essential details, you will find it much more convenient purchasing a home in these areas.

A look into the real estate market report for Parker, Colorado indicates that the average listing price of houses was $430,806 for the week ending February 10, 2010. The average price per square foot of a house in Parker, Colorado was $152 for the same period.

The Westminster, Colorado real estate market on the other hand reveals that the average price per square foot was $136, and the average listing price was $252,819 for the week ending of February 10, 2010.

Houses in Denver Colorado are available for $180,000 at present. Consult the services of a reliable real estate agent in Colorado to strike the best deal.

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Recent U.S. Home Prices

In the 4th quarter of 2006, home prices dropped in 73 markets out of 149 tracked, and the year-over-year decrease reached the record 2.7%. This is the deepest and most widespread price slump reported by the National Association of Realtors (NAR). In 4 metro areas, prices dropped by more than 10%, the Sarasota-Bradenton-Venice market scoring an 18% decline.

While some markets did show price gains, even double-digit price gains, the rest reported price deceleration or flat growth. The Midwest was affected by the slumping housing market the most, with an average price decline of 4.2%. In the South, houses were sold for 3.7% less than a year earlier, and in the Northeast prices went down 2.5%. The West was the only region to mark price gains in 2006, with houses selling for 0.4% more than in 2005. Honolulu, Little Rock and Binghamton are among the markets where home prices remained flat.

Atlantic City and Salt Lake City metro areas saw highest price gains, with more than 20% increases in single family home prices. Portland-Vancouver-Beaverton, El Paso and Seattle-Tacoma-Bellevue metro areas all ranked above the 10% gain level, while Springfield, IL, Palm Bay-Melbourne-Titusville and Sarasota-Bradenton-Venice all saw price drops of more than 10%. Elmira, NY, the nation’s cheapest market according to analysts, Durham, Appleton, Las Vegas-Paradise, Denver-Aurora and Detroit-Warren-Livonia metro areas all remained within the 0-1% price decline margin.

In the third quarter, only 45 markets reported price drops, but by the fourth quarter that number had reached 74. David Lereah, chief economist with the NAR, said in a statement that he believed the housing slump had reached the bottom in the 4th quarter of 2006. He also pointed out that the market would stabilize at record-high levels soon afterwards. The numbers for the beginning of 2007 have not yet been released, so it’s hard to tell whether his prediction for “improvement in both sales and prices” will prove accurate.

Price decreases were not unexpected after the ballooning growth over boom years. At a certain point, when new construction and speculation activity created an inventory that was way too high for the market, buyers, not sellers, became the market’s driving force. The simple demand vs. supply equation works out that once sales numbers started crumbling, so would prices. This is what happened in 2006. While the NAR predicts improvements early in 2007, skeptics believe the housing market will take much longer to recover from its current misbalanced state.

The median existing single-family home price was $219,300 in the last quarter of 2006, compared to $225,300 in 2005. NAR President Pat V. Combs suggested that home prices should be analyzed in the long term, not on year-over-year basis, since properties are usually owned for 5 years or more. Estimated price gains would then be much higher, because the housing boom and its consequences have not yet finally winded down.